I am an active data analyst and researcher with a focus in technology and psychology research. You can see an overview of some of my work below.

I have been involved in research and data analysis since 2016 and have worked as a user researcher for a multinational video game company, a data analyst for a local award-winning video game company, and have a number of person projects I am working on.

Machiavellianism, Power, and Social Control

This study looks at the role of various personality factors in related to Machiavellianism, feelings of control, and power.

Text Analysis of Black Metal Lyrics

Known for its lack of traditional song structure, aggressive musics, and a widespread mystery about this music, black metal became a social phenomenon in the 1990’s. This project involves creating a database of bands from the Norwegian black metal movement and performing various analysis of the content of their lyrics, including major themes and sentiments.

I Agree… Sort Of

This study is an investigation into the first two of Kuzon et al.’s ‘Seven Deadly Sins of Statistical Analysis‘. Through this study I present a visual and numerical representation of how treating nonparametric data as parametric changes the results of a basic statistical analysis and leads to incorrect results.